a350xwb4 This sector has a lot of experience with composites. Especially in the MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) industry... read more

Construction and Infrastructure

bouw_composiet It is still not fully clear to see, but especially the civil construction and infrastructure sector is facing an interesting period... read more

Automotive and transport

auto_cecnl_sw In the formula 1 and super sports car business, composite as a construction material, has been embraced for quite a long time... read more


CEC is the first composite expertise center which opens their doors to all sectors, who needs the latest knowledge and courses concerning composites. With a span of more than 25 years experience and a unique library, all our services are 100% dedicated  to applicabillity and practicality.

In addition to basic and industry-oriented courses, CEC also works as a knowledge partner to:

  • Help enterprises to switch from conventional materials, such as: wood, steel, aluminum, concrete to composite materials and products
  • Manage (large) composites infrastructural projects
  • Understand and to gain control over the life and behavior of your composite products
  • Select (international) companies who can help in realizing large and / or complex composite projects.

In order to stay noticed as a front running knowledge institute, CEC, together with its worldwide supporters, continuously invest in its state of the art library consisting of the newest  scientific standard works. This, and the vast experience and passion for the material, is the core of CEC.

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